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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Is there a definitive answer?

Though limping to its end, the re-furb of Lambretta Towers continues. This morning our plumber asked me what I did for a living. It's so difficult to explain sports trading at length but even to try and give a quick, "I can't be bothered to tell you" type answer will inevitably lead to having to explain at length anyway, then the recipient of the answer still doesn't have a farking clue what you're talking about. My answer to our plumber was "the percentage chance of something happening within a sporting event can be bought and sold like any other commodity". He's a nice guy and far from stupid but his blank expression and mono syllabic response was confirmation of yet another explanation gone over the head.
What we do is the very nucleus of commerce - we buy something for X and sell it for Y, ideally making a profit somewhere in-between. So why is it so difficult for those outside the trading world to understand? Please, someone, if there is an answer or response you use that is both quick and full, let me have it.

Blackburn looked decent last night. Interesting to read a smattering of a superlatives regarding Steve Kean this morning. Now 6 points north of the drop, Blackburn are likely to be safe but is it because Kean has done his job or because Messers McCarthy, Martinez and Hughes have not done theirs?
I traded Blackburn v Sunderland, 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2. Expecting a decent game with goals from both sides, Sunderland were lackluster and never looked like scoring from the off. I started scalping 0-0 from around 20 minutes and greened up to leave free bets. I let it run. I've drawn the conclusion that Martin O'Neill is a mid table manager at best and never likely to win anymore silverware unless he returns to Scotland.

Today's card is decent and there looks to be some value too. Chelsea have a decent record away to City but I like City at the currently available 1.95, with cover on the generous 8.4 for 1-1.
Spurs v Stoke is a stand out draw lay for me, despite the absence of Adebayor and King. Though the question of their mental state, after Saturday, might be worth asking.
 A total of 17 goals have been scored in the last four of the Everton v Arsenal fixture. Everton are without their strongest midfielders and the Over 2.5 price of 2.04 has to be traded for me.
Of the last 24 games played, home and away, between them QPR and Liverpool have just four draws. 1-0 is available at 15's, with trading cover there, I shall be drip laying the draw and scalping 0-0.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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  1. Hi Lambretta, I think you have the right idea in relating trading to commerce, though perhaps need to word it more in laymans terms! When he was working for Betfair, Scott Ferguson would have to explain trading to people who had no clue about it and what he always did was relate it to something they understood. For example, with a group of women, he compared trading sports to buying shoes cheaply in Thailand and selling them on Ebay in the UK for a profit. If you say it like that, it's much easier to understand. If your plumber was into sports, all you really need to say is 'I buy team X to win at odds against and sell team X to win at odds on'. Lots of people understand the stock market basics, so I often use that analogy, which not only makes you sound less of a degenerate gambler but makes you seem quite respectable too!