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Thursday, 8 March 2012

I've run out of expletives... lambast Betfair with. Here we are again, same time as last year, with a Betfair outage just before Cheltenham. The lack of stability and/or a solution to this ridiculous and unbelievably continuing situation stinks of an attitude of "we don't give a fuck, about users or Betdaq", because if they did, these outages would never happen.
I was really looking forward to today's trading. It's been a good week and the hope was that would continue. How confident am I likely to feel, should these idiots actually manage to get the site up and running again? It remains the necessary evil.
No wonder our friends in Ireland chose the ecclesiastical purple as their brand colour, soon they shall become holy.

After a break, not really planned, from LTD, I made a return to it this week. The three games I picked, because they got through my filters, were Reading, Southampton and West Ham. Interesting to note that of these only one actually had the home favourite scoring first, before the dreaded 70 minute mark. Southampton  left it until 74 minutes and West Ham actually went 0-1 down to Watford. I still made a profit on all games but only because I scalped where necessary. I'll stick to the dutching for now, it's a damn sight less work.

Not a big fan of tonight's card but 2-0, 2-1 & 3-0 look value at OT.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

PS. Betfair has just come back online.

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