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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Keep on keeping on

I'm a very good Scrabble player, not great but very good. The reason I'm a very good Scrabble player is not because I studied the game or swallowed a dictionary, it's because I spent so much time playing against truly brilliant Scrabble players.
For many years a group of us would rent a cottage and, for the most part, we would play a lot of poker. Much of the down time from poker was spent in front of the fire playing the most excellent of word games. I lost every game, every game. But after some time I found that I could actually compete, then, playing the facebook version of the game, I actually beat one of the two truly brilliant players. I've never beaten him since, nor am I likely to again as he was unlikely to have been paying much attention when I did win, but I did win and am now Scrabbling force to be reckoned with.
What's my point? There are many aspects to each and every trader, sadly, so many of those who have become successful take pleasure in lauding their success in the faces of the countless many who are trying, and so few take time to help. I'm not qualified to be a mentor, nor would I want that pressure but, if I can do it, so can you. Being defeated is temporary, giving up makes it permanent.

I need some help. Sitting at my desk each day, for four+ hours, it doesn't take long to get through even the most extensive iTunes library. I'm desperate for some new tunes. If you could leave a comment with your fav album, that would be great.

Disappointed with Man U last night, they certainly did not look like a team driving home the dagger on their rivals. Still, they did give me some confidence in my Winners Market lay. I added 1-0 at HT for a decent green.
Don't fancy anything from today's card. Will go in-play on the televised games.

Whatever you trade, stay green

Remaining nameless on both sides, this post was inspired by a Twitter conversation but the message is for everyone who wants to make a success of sports trading.


  1. Hi Lamb,

    You probably need to give everyone a bit of a steer as to what you're into.

    However a couple of my favourite albums are
    DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
    DJ Format - Music for the mature B-boy

    I like a lot of the Fabric series of compilations as well

    Rugby Trader

  2. hey there im 50 so my tastes reflect my age .
    fav album springsteen darkness on the edge of town .

  3. Thanks fellas.

    I'm into all sorts, RT. Got some Shadow bits, which are very good, so I'll check these out.

    Not really looked at Springsteen, Mike. Perhaps I should.

    Thanks again.

  4. As a pointer, though.

    The albums I never tire of are...
    Fear of a black planet - Public Enemy
    The Singles - Souixsie & The Banshees
    The Meteors Live
    Ill Communication - Beastie Boys
    The Volcanic Action of my Soul - Ray Charles
    A Strangely Isolated Place - Ulrich Schnauss
    The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow

  5. Try jazz, Lambretta! I know it's the music of the devil and only for pipe smoking types but I love it when trading because it can be either great background music or you can switch into listening closely to it if you want. Unfortunately though you have to grow a goatee beard and wear a beret but nobody said a trader's life was easy ;)

  6. Good shout, Paul. Already got a little of Miles Davis and some Coltrane but maybe I should invest some more, thanks.

  7. Agree with Paul about jazz for trading. Stan Getz/Ben Webster/Coltrane/Davis provide some kind of ethereal backdrop to the flashing lights of Geeks Toy.
    On a more upbeat style, Alabama 3 mix some great blues/country with the political acuteness of Gil Scot Heron.
    I remember you appreciated the reminder of how good a tune "Passion" by Gat Decor is. On that same era dancey tip, I would recommend Jestofunk and Stereo MCs/DJ Kicks (they`re from Nottingham so can`t be that bad!)

  8. Lamb, I find my taste in music whilst trading depends on my mood. If things are going all fine and dandy I might have Eine Kleine Nachtmusik burbling away in the background. If I'm up against it I might choose The Dance of the Valkyries or, more likely, something heavy and loud like The Ace of Spades.

    Most of the time though I do a Youtube search for a band or singer, listen to a couple of songs and then click on long forgotton or indeed completely unknown (to me) tracks from the side bar. That way you can end up all over the musical spectrum and might even turn up something you like that you would never have thought of buying / downloading.

    You will rarely go wrong listening to Fleetwood Mac imo, especially if the listening conjures up an image of the lovely Ms Nicks in your mind's eye - great for focused trading!