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Monday, 26 March 2012

Manchester Divided

Who's it going to be? I'm siding with United, for two reasons. They have the depth of experience when it comes to the final battle and they have a very favourable fixture list. However, for me, the market looks out of sync with the facts - Only four goals separate these two. Whilst United have a better run in, the only real difference in the level of team they each shall face is City being away to Arsenal, who will be keen to secure third place from Spurs. They still have to play each other, of course. That game being at the Etihad is a massive plus for City. And it would be no surprise if that game were the decider. We could expect the title to be won by the time City face Newcastle.
I fully expect Fulham to be brushed aside tonight, (2-0, 2-1, 3-0 to start with), but Utd then face three relegation scrappers, two are at OT, but it would be no surprise to see one of them get a point.
In truth, the title is now Utd's to lose but, at 1.42, they are too cheap for me. I'll be laying them after tonight's game, possibly even during, expecting them to trade a decent amount higher before they travel across town for the derby game.

Decent weekend of trading - Was probably too tired to trade nags effectively on Saturday. A day of peaks and toughs which, thankfully, ended with a green.
Football wise it was text book stuff. The lay of Spurs with 0-1 was never in danger. Sunderland v QPR looked to be going perfectly until the red card. 3-0 was covered and I was lucky to have greened up on 65 minutes, for around 45%. LTD at Stoke with 1-1 ended scratch.

Just the Man Utd game for today.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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