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Monday, 2 April 2012

Congratulations to...

@gamblinggeek! The lucky winner of the Geat Betfair Trading Prize Bundle. Well done, Mike.

My sincere and genuine thanks to everyone who made a donation, particularly those who went to great lengths to do so. Also to all the service and software providers who donated such a huge and really valuable group of prizes. They all deserve another mention and if you haven't checked any of them out yet, you really should -

Bet Angel Pro
Trade Shark Tennis
Bonus Bagging
Betting System Notes & Market Matcher
Pre Match Trading
Trading Football

I received many donations from people not wishing to use JustGiving, not sure why but I would be interested to know..?

The weekend was brilliant for the nags but not so good on the footy. The Villa v Chelsea game looked to be going the right way. I was just about to green up on the 2-1 when Villa equalised, no point chasing it, ended with a very rare full loss. I added 2-0 at HT at Everton and ended with a half decent green there. QPR v Arsenal looked dodgy when QPR went ahead for the second time but I allowed it to run and scored the expected green on that. Unfortunately, Sunderland's miraculous draw at Man City sent my Winners Market lay of Utd into free fall. Laid at 1.4, I had to red up at 1.27. Managed to get a lump back on both yesterday's games.
Tonight, I'm laying U1.5 goals at Ewood Park.

Whatever you trade, say green.

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