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Thursday, 26 April 2012

I am a Chelsea fan after all

For many years I was a very proud Chelsea fan. Regularly at the Bridge, living the highs and lows. That enthusiasm waned after I became so involved in the beautiful game from a statistical and analytical perspective. My love for Chelsea alone dissipated and a love for the game as a whole, to see it played well and properly replaced it. That was, I thought, until Tuesday night. When Fernando Torres picked up the ball and went forward to score, I was out of my seat, screaming at the box for him to right all wrongs. When he scored, I was elated, jumping and dancing around the room. Mrs Lambretta, laughing, said she hadn't seen me so excited since, she recalled, "that game we watched when we were in Sweden in 2005". That game? Chelsea v Barcelona 2nd leg. Chelsea won 5-4 on agg. Both were ties that will never be forgotten, nor should they but Tuesday's was truly legendary. 
Ask me now, I'll tell you I support Chelsea. Hideously, this fever has already consumed me, I am anxious and concerned about how the fark we are going to beat Munchen in their own back yard...

It's been an up and down April. Football has been stable throughout the month but I had a big blip with the nags mid month. Over confidence and too much liability in the market led to the inevitable but I've made changes to my set up and, since it happened, I've noticed a real change in my mind set. The losses have been recovered and I'm optimistic about how this month will end and the summer's potential. Yet another lesson learnt.

A mate of mine used to record a very good poker podcast, he always maintained he would stop doing so when, for whatever reason, it was no longer fun to do so. On that basis, I took a break from posting. It's clear now it is something I really enjoy doing. Writing this blog has numerous benefits for me but ultimately just one objective, that is to help anyone who wishes to make a success of sports trading, in any way I can. It has been the most enormously tough, humbling, humiliating, pride swallowing endeavour to get to the stage I am at and, in truth, I am a long way from the, if there is such a thing, finished article. But my fundamental reason for writing this blog is to stop, if possible, anyone falling into the same pitfalls I did. Should this blog ever read in anything other than a humourous, modest and helpful way, I would be grateful if you told me. 

It's not in my usual MO to plug services on this blog, unless I think they are any good. A friend and extremely  talented trader has just launched a new service I would be very surprised if you took the £10 trial and were disappointed. I assure you, I am not on a cut. 

No trades today but a very good friend works for Gefle IF, so I'm having a tenner on them.

Stay green.


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