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Monday, 30 April 2012

When will the FA ever learn?

I am truly, genuinely staggered and desperately disappointed to wake up to the news that the hapless, hopeless Roy Hodgson is to become the next England manager.
Please, someone show me examples of his inspirational leadership, his highly developed tactical knowledge, his ability to capture a dressing room, his confidence in handling big players in a big team. Nothing on his CV suggests how he could even figure in the thinking of those responsible for finding a new manager. Which only adds more weight to the argument that the FA is too far removed.
Psycho wants the job but is grown up enough to say he is not ready yet. Harry is the right man for the job, on paper, but I'm not sure if he is showing allegiance to his club or concealing a fear.
I ask just once to see my national team win a tournament, yet again the FA have pissed on that fire.
I have been backing England to go close this summer, this morning I shall be closing all positions, before the price disappears.
It goes almost without saying, I'd be very happy to have Mr. Hodgson prove me wrong, but I'm more likely to lay England now than back them.

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