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Thursday, 24 May 2012

...of elaborate plans, of everything that stands...

...this is the end.

Today is my last post as a professional Sports Trader.

Recently, I have had cause to question this vocation. I'm good at it, not great but good. I understand it and I certainly have the skills, mindset and ability to be continuously successful at it yet, when asking myself if I would be happy to be doing this in ten or twenty years time, I was unable to answer in the positive. This then led to the fear of procrastination, finding myself in a decade or two still trading and wishing I hadn't been and, rather profoundly, a fear of not contributing. So, I'm left asking what would I want to be doing? Right now, the answer is, I don't know. But my next endeavour will be to find out, and that, as it always has done, is the bit that excites me the most. Trading will still be something I enjoy but, predominantly, it will be in addition to watching a sporting event rather than the over-riding interest.

During this interim, transitional period, it's my intention to write an e-book on Sports Trading. There are many strategies and systems punted around but there is very little available to help the novice trader and, as this blog has always tried to do, I'd like the book to stop anyone falling into the same pitfalls as I did.

It's been a fantastic ride these last three years. I've met some great people, great characters and good friends. I would never put anyone off Sports Trading for a living, it has a great many rewards.
Thanks to any/everyone for taking the time to read my random blithering and for the interactions too.

Remember, whatever you want to achieve - Defeat is temporary, giving up is permanent.

Stay green.


  1. All the best with whichever path you choose Lamb..

  2. I wish you every success in whatever comes next, Lamb. I think you're making the right decision - and coincidentally I've just posted on my blog about how much happier I am to have returned to the corporate world this year. If you ever want a chat just drop me an e-mail.


  3. As you may have read on the blog, I often rail on about the folly of trading full-time. For most of us, it makes far more sense to use our skills in a full-time job, with all the benefits that go with it, and pursue sports trading as a hobby at weekends or evenings. If you are into anything but horse-racing, and maybe some tennis and cricket, that's when most big events are anyway!

    I think you have made the right decision, and I wish you luck with the e-book.

  4. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, Lamb. Gun junior graduates from Northampton in July, so who knows, perhaps we can meet for another beer and I can proof read your ebook?!

  5. good luck with whatever you decide to do Lamb

    Rugby Trader

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments and best wishes. Much appreciated.
    Mark - I'll be in touch.
    Dave - Give me a shout nearer the time.

    All the best,