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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cracking start

So many were concerned there may not be very many goals in the opening games of this tournament, the 0-0 price for the opening game was 7.0, some of us were a little more optimistic.
Poland were fast from the blocks and got their deserved opener, when the Greek player (his name is too difficult even to type), was sent off, Poland's price plummeted to 1.15 and I greened, leaving the 1-1 cover in. 
Not long after Poland went ahead I backed U2.5 and took cover on 2-1. This looked comfortable until the Greek red card but I was still confident, particularly after the Greeks then missed a penalty.
Two very nice trades to begin the tournament and, even though there wasn't much quality about, the opening game was a decent spectacle to watch. The second game was rife with quality and the Russians looked very good. Arshavin was particularly good to watch and his incisive ball for the second was fantastic. By the time I thought about entering a trade the opportunity had passed.

Tonight should see both Holland and Germany make their mark on the tournament. 
Over 2.5 in the Holland v Denmark game looks a little high for me, I'll be taking that on in-play.
Germany v Portugal has some potential. I took some of the 2-1 last night, will scalp 0-0 from KO and add some scores in the second half if necessary. 

A great start to a tournament that, only being two games old, is already hinting at being really great. 

Stay green. 

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