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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

He's done it.

The pressure is off for Roy Hodgson.
Two wins and a draw see England win the group, more than anyone realistically hoped for.
The tide has turned. With exception of the woefully biased ref against France, the rub of the green now seems to be in England's favour. Ukraine are incensed about the ball crossing the line but their boy was offside anyway. We are a lot more used to having those go against us.
All this and guess what - I have to read texts and tweets from numbskulls whinging and whining, predominantly from those who would profess to knowing the game better than most.
Have we been particularly good? No but we've been good enough.
Can we win it? Highly unlikely but, other than Germany or Spain, there isn't a side I'd really fear.
Personally, I shall just enjoy the ride from this point on, we've already over achieved.
Mr Hodgson - You are welcome to serve me my words, along with a large slice of humble pie. Well done, sir.

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