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Monday, 11 June 2012

Pass the Dutch...

Confidence was not that high in the Dutch getting through the groups but I didn't expect them to falter so early. My hope was to lay them if they got through, which they still might, but, unless they put together two outstanding performances against Germany and Portugal, their price will not be as attractive. Plus, if they got a result against those two, I'd have to think twice about laying them anyway. So, in short, that's out the window.
The O2.5 in that game had tempted me, it didn't pan out very well and I ended with just short of scratch.

I had taken 2-1 in the Germany v Portugal game with the intention of scalping 0-0 to leave a free trade and/or adding some scores earlyish in the game. After the shock defeat of the dutch, understandably, Portugal played for the draw, which they almost got. Their being defensive made it easier to scalp 0-0 which I continued to do throughout the first half, putting a nice green across CS.
Apparently there has been some quiet money for Portugal, I have no idea why. They have a handful of decent players but there are much better middling sides in this tournament, who were available at better prices. Italy being a good example. Available at 18's on Friday (taken), they are now 13.5 and still look value for it. Albeit Spain did not look great last night, Italy looked confident and assured.
After becoming a Champions League winner and scoring the goal that took them to the final, one may have hoped the real Fernando Torres had returned. Where has the deft touch, turn of foot and vision gone?

On to tonight. I've backed both Sweden and Ukraine to finish bottom of Group D so, ideally, France and England will draw 1-1 and Sweden will draw 0-0 with Ukraine.
My feeling is England should be happy with that result. The French are good, better than assumed IMO.
I have no angle on either game and will look for in-play opportunities.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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