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Monday, 2 July 2012

A fine and fitting end

One week from today, I shall once again jump on the giant wheel of commerce. Squishing and squashing myself on to an early morning train to Euston, to solicit myself in the big city for the corporate dollar. I can't wait!
It's true. I can't. Mine is a genuine excitement about putting on my suit, having grown up business conversations and climbing the greasy pole. Where this renewed enthusiasm for all things corporate has emerged from, I know not but it's there and I like it.
The timing of all this could not really have been better. It was my hope and wish to finish full time trading with a bang and, thanks to Euro2012, I did just that.
Backing Italy before the tournament began, at 18's, was a great move. Initially, I was looking to trade out after the group stages around 10's, but opportunities to keep the trade open kept presenting themselves. I greened before the final at just over 4's.
Again, before the tournament began, I dutched Germany and Spain to win. It never felt necessary to touch this trade/bet. Spain were truly magnificent and it's no over statement to suggest Del Bosque has changed the future of football. Who can question it? They were missing key players and still looked and played a class above.
There were a couple of reds but they were out weighed by numerous greens from the CS market.
A great tournament, won by a truly great team, ending a great period for me with a great bank of trades.

And so it is, my sports trading brethren, that I end this piece and my trading career with one final request - Whatever you trade, stay green.