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Friday, 10 August 2012

The slight return of the return...

Updated post from last week...

I'm loving the corporate life and all it brings with it. That said, there are aspects of trading that I miss more than expected. The new season is soon upon us and the thought of trading midweek, evening games has me really excited. Conversely, the thought of sitting down and trading an entire coupon on a Saturday afternoon leaves me quite void of anything like excitement. On those occasions when a Saturday afternoon is available to me, my plan is to spend it trading nags. I conquered the in-play side but never mastered the pre race part and I hate the idea that anything has beaten me. Which leads me to the point of this post - My good friends over at the Sports Trading Academy are running a four week (Saturday afternoons) nag trading course. Incorporating every aspect of this dark art - the course was due to start last week but tech issues scuppered that, so it starts this Saturday.

Week one - Pre race trading the Place Market

Week two - Pre race trading the Win Market

Week Three - Trading the Ladders in-running

Week four - Pre race and in-running combination trading

2:00pm - 3:30pm each week with Q&A after trading.

I know TSTA's Robbo of old and he is not only an excellent, very profitable trader but a very good tutor too. The whole course is just £50. I'm already signed up, you can sign up here

Once the season begins, I shall return to posting regularly, that's something I have missed and apparently some of you have too.

Until then, stay green.


  1. Lamb

    Glad its going well. I remember seeing that you were part of marks horseracinging traders service. Im trying to get in touch with him but the site closed- you dont happen to know his new blog as i remember he went back into corporate life as well..