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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

...a change gonna come.

I did my sums this morning and calculated I spend more time on trains each week than I do with my boys. That won't do at all.
Additionally, that time spent on trains means I have very little time to study games. Fortunately, that's not true of tonight's.

Last Friday I laid the HT 0-0 to great effect. Couldn't be as confident of doing the same tonight, but will look to do it in-play, and there is very little value in CS right now.
That said, at 10's, 2-1 is looking okay. Ukraine haven't scored in their last three but the beauty of 2-1 is, regardless of who scores first, the price will drop. As long as it's not too late in the game.

Anyway. It's good to be posting again. Whatever you trade, stay green.

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  1. Welcome back, Lamb! The old career v quality of life debate is happening already, I see!