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Monday, 17 September 2012

...and, as if to prove my point..,

...City drew as well.

It stands to reason that a bookie offering you a price is doing so because it offers value to them not you. The same goes for the TV ads you see pre game and HT, offering "Live Odds" on the first/next goal scorer, number of corners etc. They, like us, study stats to determine a likely outcome and make a tissue around that outcome. Would they offer 10/1 about Berba scoring next if they thought it would really happen? Course not. But guess how many mugs snatch up their phones with the cry "I'm avvin' summa dat!" when they see it.
I'm the last advocate of Betfair as a service provider, frankly they are appalling, but the idea and concept works and because of that we, as traders or punters, should be able to enter the market at the right price.

Everton v Newcastle
The Toffees have a decent Home record against Toon but I'm not convinced about tonight. They are WWL & Newcastle are WLD. The MO market has Everton about right, if a little short but 1-1 is huge at 8.8 and with cover here, I'll be hoping to get a bit bigger about Everton in-play.

Whatever you trade, stay green .

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