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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bookies schmookies

Betfair would be the perfect betting portal were it not for their lazy arsed approach to regular outages and their ridiculous premium charges. And they might attract more of their precious "punters" if they got their marketing right...
If they want to attract me, bookies also need to change their message.
I can't remember who from, as I deleted it straight away, but I received an email from a bookie this week, suggesting today could be a "Super Saturday" - based on Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and City winning. The odds on offer for this four fold were, according to them, massive at 9.5, or 17/2 in old money. So, in essence, this email loosely translated, in my head anyway, as thus:

Dear F*ckwit,

We believe you are as thick as pig sh*t. Consequently, we want to offer you desperately poor odds about a four fold that we think you are likely to take on because you are as thick as pig sh*t. It is highly unlikely that this this four fold will come in as draws are invariably borne of the Fav playing away. So, our banker is Liverpool losing or drawing. But guess what? Because we've offered desperately poor odds, it doesn't really matter if it does come in.

Thanks for the free money, bitch.

See you next week.

Betfair is the necessary evil but, if you're not in the PC range, bet against opinion, where value is always on offer.

Stay green.

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