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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I should do this for a living...

Real Madrid v Man City - Best game I've seen in a long time. The quality on show, all over the park, was phenomenal and the goals were fantastic.
I'm not a huge fan of City but I do like to see English clubs doing well in Europe and I'd be lying of I said I didn't feel for them after Ronaldo's winner.
It was a great game from a trading point of view as well. A real value lay of AUQ at 6's made for a very nice green and I'd allowed my dutched scores to run up to 80 minutes in Montpellier. Another nice lump.

At the weekend my good friend Robbo, of The Sports Trading Academy, began a three part course on pre race nag trading. After just the first session I'm seeing a real improvement in my entry points, entry times and discipline. If you get the opportunity to join the next one, it is very much advised.

Will be watching Chelsea with only in-play trades on tonight's card.

Stay green.

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