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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clattenburg Gate and Round Two

If ever there was a straight forward argument for introducing video into the Prem (F*ck Blatter, Platini and their chums) Sunday's games were it.
Talking through my pocket slightly as I was confident of another goal in the scouse derby, and it came. Suarez, clearly on-side, slides home the winner... or not.
Then, when the mighty blues manage to retrieve a game that looked lost, Clattenburg manages to fark up a perfectly good game. No arguments with Ivanovic's red, administered to the letter of the law and correct. Torres' I disagree with. The string of faux pas that Clattenburg is accused of actually has small bearing.
When you consider that two of the season's biggest games, played on the same day, were decided by poor decisions from those given the responsibility for the game being governed correctly, what more evidence do you need for adding in a technology that cannot be incorrect? Cricket, Tennis...

So, after Sunday's debacle at Stamford Bridge, what can we expect from round two? Different teams? Almost certainly. Different tactics? Most definitely. But what to expect from a goal and result perspective?
Over 2.5 is currently trading at 1.65, yet the only likely first team, goal scoring starter is Rooney. RVP may be on the bench or have a day off. Torres and Lampard are out. Yes, both teams still have a plethora of goal scorers, particularly Chelsea, but after Sunday's end to end, super fast paced action, should we expect the same again?
Over 2.5 is a 20 minute lay for me and I'll be trading the 2-1 from KO too.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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