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Monday, 25 March 2013


Been a while since the last post. Mrs. Lambretta had another op, again nothing serious but means me doing both Mum and Dad shifts. Plus the corporate stuff keeps me busy. And it's corporate where this post begins...

Some years ago I attended a course about how we deliver, receive and retain information. Each one of us, without exception, will receive and retain information in one or a combination of three ways - Visual - Which is lots of pictures telling the story. Auditory - Which is predominantly through listening but would also be the written word or maybe spreadsheets. Kinaesthetic - This would be delivering the information or receiving it in such a way that it appeals to the senses, all about how it makes the receiver feel.

How does this relate to me and my trading you're thinking? Well, those of you who are regular readers will know that I have, since my trading career began almost ten years ago, never been able to master the weird alchemy that is pre race trading. I have attended live courses, on-line courses, had on-line and offline mentors, even paid for a so called "master Betfair trainer" to come to Lambretta Towers to deliver a full intense day's training. The latter was genuinely a waste of time and money and, though this particular "master" can often be found on RacingUK, for now, he shall remain nameless.
After much reviewing, it must be said that most of the others were much of a muchness but, given that I have not improved by much, can it be said they were no good? I know of people who have attended or subscribed to each of the above mentioned courses who have become successful pre race traders. So, why wasn't it happening for me?

A couple of weeks ago I came across another service - It's worth mentioning at this point that I don't just find a service and just sign up willy nilly, I do take time to research them and find out if they have made a difference to someone - There was nothing particularly special about this one, same sort of bumph and spiel but, for some reason, I found myself really buying into this one. After going through the site and learning more about it, my confidence grew further and I took the plunge and purchased their six week video training course. Safe to say I devoured it in a couple of days and was ready to begin again from the starting point of the novice... Day one... BOOM! Safe solid profit with real structure to the day though silly mistakes remained which kept the "profit per trade" down. Day two... BOOM! Increased profit, still with real structure and increased understanding of the markets and what to expect. Still some mistakes but increased "profit per trade". Day 3... DOUBLE BOOM! It was that Neo moment. The markets were as clear to me as  reading a children's story book. Massive swings were predicted and ridden. Scaling up and down the ladders with real proficiency. "Profit per trade" went up by 725%!
For certain reasons, I am removing myself from the markets for a few days to take stock, it is, after all, very easy to get carried away. But what has made the difference? Why now have I had that "light bulb moment"? Given that the course content was very similar to all the previous ones, what could've changed? The answer is simple - It's not the content but how I received it. I am by nature a Visual/Auditory person and the course content matched this perfectly. It's easy to condemn these trading course providers and yes, there are some who are complete charlatans, but before we swing the axe, it's worth understanding how you receive information and how the course is delivered.
However, whilst this course is written and delivered in such a way that is perfect for me. It's fairly safe to say the author understands VAK and has written this course in such a way that, regardless of how you receive and retain info, this course should work for you too. I'm not one for plugging trading services and I shan't do it here yet but, if the same level of success continues, and in truth it's only me that can stop that now, you can epxect to hear and read a great deal more about this particular service provider on this blog going forward.

Never, ever give up.

Stay green.



  1. Hi.
    I'm very interested in trying my hand at the horses too. Would you mind sending me the name of this course in a pm, in case you don't want it published yet? Please send it to hhaller (at) escapemodernslavery (dot) com.
    Would really appreciate it.

  2. Would appreciate the same please if you have time? mark (at) msworld (dot) co (dot) uk.

    Cheers mate.