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Friday, 26 April 2013

They've had long enough...

Following the Betfair outage on March 31st, I penned an email to the Director of Customer Operations at Betfair. I won't name him here but I found his details through an open source.
The email correspondence is below...

Hi ******

Forgive my using this medium but all previous attempts to have anything noteworthy from Betfair have failed. 
Be assured this mail is not the rantings of an unhappy customer talking through his pocket, merely a simple request for genuine information. 

I've been a Betfair user for many years. I've seen and been victim to numerous Saturday afternoon outages and have made numerous efforts to ask what and when is happening to eradicate these outages and reduce my risk as a user. Each time I call I get the stock response. "Betfair is doing it's utmost etc..." 
The overall feeling amongst users is one of being undervalued. We cannot understand how a business that drives such huge amounts of revenue, particularly since the introduction of the Premium Charge, can continue to have the same issues on such a regular basis. Where is the investment on behalf users and where is the feedback and reassurance for users? 

Much of Betfair's liquidity is made up of people trading the markets rather than "punters", were that not the case, there would be no need for PC. Any trader worth his salt will have an account with one of your competitors to safeguard his position but how long before that swings and Betfair becomes the secondary? 

Take time to communicate with the most important people and keep us informed, not with what happened but with what is happening, how that will help us and the reasons why. 
Betfair is deemed the necessary evil and instances like last Saturday serve only to increase that view and strengthen the feeling and standing of your competition. 

What I find most staggering in the below response is the complete failure to understand what I am asking for and the equally unbelievable question of whether or not I have contacted the "Helpdesk". Why would I contact him directly, if I found the answer I wanted or needed from the "Helpdesk"?

Hi Jon 

I'm sorry you felt you had to email me via this channel....can you leave it with me and let me check out some details and get back to you. 

Can i presume you have already contacted the Betfair Helpdesk..? 


I received that response on the same day I sent my mail, April 2nd. Bearing in mind that I was corresponding with the Director of Customer Operations, have I heard back? No.
Frankly, this complete failure to address an issue or even have the necessary level of respect for a customer is purely indicative of Betfair and, if this is how the Director of Customer Operations deals with customer inquiries, it's really no surprise that the whole thing is a shoddy example of how to treat your most important asset.

This afternoon I shall be penning another email to a certain person within Ladbrokes PLC. Within that mail I shall make plain that they can charge the same percentage as Betfair if they wish, just make sure that BETDAQ protects and values me as a customer and I'll be happy.

UPDATE TO POST 10/05/2013 - Out of the blue, this morning I received an email from the unnamed person mentioned in the above text. That person has requested that he and I have a telephone conversation to discuss at length the issues I raised. I look forward to that call and updating this post again.

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  1. That seems to be a typical response of your corporate management type these days. Not only a Betfair problem. Totally clueless and only got to that position from brown-nosing and sucking up!

    Most managers at that level can't even put an email together so you are doing well...