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Thursday, 5 December 2013

A light-bulb moment?

The alchemy that is pre race trading has long eluded me and I've made it my mission to conquer this tantalising but soul destroying temptress.
Not so long ago, I began the 1000 hour challenge, based on the idea that to reach a nirvana of skill, one must have 10,000 hours of practice. My thinking being that 1000 hours of pre race trading should see me become proficient. This challenge is still ongoing.
Last week I revisited a video trading course I purchased at the beginning of this year, a very good course I must state, from (I don't normally do plugs unless I feel the service/product is worthy). Amongst a great many, one of the virtues the course's author extols is that of not over thinking the pre race markets, that it isn't as scientific as people would have us believe. This fact will be obvious to those already successful but to those of us who stand outside the restaurant looking in at the happy diners, it's another tough concept to appreciate. However, purely by default, I approached yesterday's markets, not with gay abandon, but with a certain nonchalance, not to be confused with disrespect, which resulted in something totally unexpected. My plan was purely to generate just 1 tick of free green on certain horses, lo and behold, by the time I'd done so (and yes I should've realised this would be the result anyway), I had created a very nice green across the book. I continued in the same vein, and with the same mindset, to find the day finished with a very nice profit and from 22 races traded, only 4 reds.
There are still stupid errors in my game but they are becoming less frequent and whilst there are still many hours to go before reaching the 1000 total (expected end date April 2015), there are genuine signs of my finally defeating this giant of sports trading.

Stay green.

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