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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Staying cool in a red hot situation!

Much is written about the importance of maintaining a cool and calm frame of mind when engaged with the markets. I don't wish to add to that list, save for a funny story that exemplifies exactly how the trader's mind should work.

Yesterday evening I made efforts to ensure my comfort during the games to come. Germany v Ghana on the TV, I fancied Over 4.5, entered and made a small back on 0-0 as cover. Decent first half, nothing to make me think I needed to change my position, I made for the kitchen to make a quick vegetable stir fry. Part of which, I thought, was a small Bell Pepper.
Prepped the food, fried it, added the Szechuan sauce, stuck it on a plate and made for the lounge to enjoy before the second half began. Very quickly it became clear that the Szechuan sauce had been incorrectly labelled as "Medium", as my mouth tongue and lips were burning! Realising I couldn't eat it with such heat intensity, it was left on the side while I quickly nipped to the loo before settling down for the aforementioned second half.
It was around the 48th minute that I began to feel very uncomfortable in the downstairs department. Around 49 minutes, my nether regions were beginning to burn, by the 51st minute my entire family jewels were immersed in a small glass of cold water which, soon after, became milk. It was at this stage I realised the Bell Pepper was in fact a Jalapeno, hence my meal being inedibly hot and the reason my crucial parts were in excruciating pain following, of course, my quick trip to the loo.
During my howling and leaping around, Mrs. Lambretta did some quick fire web research and learnt that Natural Yogurt is the best remedy for such a situation. She ran to her car and whizzed off to find some while I danced around the entire ground floor of Lambretta Towers. Here-in, Dear Reader, is the rub; on entering the lounge, despite the stress, pain and abject terror that amputation maybe the only result, upon seeing the scoreline had reached 2-2, approximately the 75 minute mark, somehow the mettle necessary to steel myself came to the fore and I managed to grab my phone and close my position for a very nice green.
Almost immediately after Mrs. Lambretta flew through the door with the yogurt that, after around 30 minutes, relieved me greatly. Happy to say, all is as it should be.

Stay green - And always read the label

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  1. Lamb, a bit late in the day but I've got to say I was howling with laughter before I got to the punchline. You have my sympathy... many, many moons ago I prepared a curry for my Uni housemates and suffered the same fate, but to pile anguish onto anguish had also rubbed my eyes as well.