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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mis-Staking and Goal Profits

Further to my last post, I've been corresponding and endeavouring to help a couple of people with their in-running nag trading. Happily, there has been some success. So much so that one of them emailed yesterday to say they were about to increase their stakes, doing so by making a deposit into their BF account.
This may be obvious to some but to add to an account purely to increase staking levels is a fool's errand, IMO. Success must always be organic. If your trading is improving and profit levels are growing, there should be no need to deposit at all. In reality, the idea is purely down to a lack of patience - a virtue every trader must have.

Now, some of you may be aware that I rarely put up services to look at, only those that I think have something genuine to offer. You may also be aware, during the season proper, I like to be part of a live trading community. It makes for much more enjoyable winter evenings and the like, plus you are always likely to learn something and can help others too. A particular community came on to my radar towards the end of last season and they have gracefully accepted my request to join.
So far, I've not had the the opportunity to fully engage in the chatroom but, when I have, the atmosphere is excellent, the level of knowledge is equally as good and those leading things are always clear, concise and helpful - as are the other chatroom attendees.
There are numerous levels of membership but even the very basic gives access to the chatroom, certain trades of the day (I'm 100% so far), a massive list of helpful videos and, more importantly, a tool that offers up very good statistical data and info for you to make your own trading decisions around.
Learner or veteran, it is my opinion there is no better football trading service available at present than

NB: I'm not on commission.

Stay green.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Correlation's what you need...

So, after two years of corporate nonsense, tailored suits and polished Oxfords, I am once more a full time betting exchange trader... Praise the Lord and the baby Jesus!

Whilst football will very much underpin my trading as before, for some time I have been trading nags in-running and very lucrative it is too if, however, you know what you're doing. It's taken a great deal of time and effort to get this stage with it, a great deal of money too.
It's been suggested that trading nags in-running is somewhat de rigueur at present. I have no desire to be considered with the Joneses, a postive P&L is the only thing, in my opinion.
Anyway, one of the reasons I'm confident that my nag trading has improved to such an extent is the amount of time I have spent correlating my results. This is something I haven't paid a huge amount of attention to with football trading as the P&L spoke for itself, plus the variables are a lot complex with nags.
Thanks in no small part to the Betfairtradingmindgames P&L analysis spreadsheet, link below, the depth of knowledge around my nag trading is now enormous. My best day for trading is Monday, Friday is the worst. I should avoid trading at York as this track is responsible for 10% of my losses. Had you asked me prior which races are my strongest the answer would have been Sprints, turns out they rank amongst the worst.
The ability to understand my strengths and weaknesses within these markets ensures being able to target the right races on the right days at the right courses. And it really makes a difference...

Really looking forward to being part of the trading community again, really looking forward to posting a lot more regularly and cannot wait for the new season.

Far from being an expert, I know the in-running markets can be tough but, if it's your thing, I'll help where I can.

Stay green.