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Friday, 26 September 2014

Target fixation

Stubborn. Stubborn is the word that Mrs. Lambretta would use to describe me if we were on some bad ITV husband and wife show. I am stubborn, in simple terms. In real terms, I am determined, single-minded, driven, indefatigable and totally focused. However you choose to describe it, as long as it doesn't have a detrimental effect on your surrounding life, it's okay. But, there is a danger to the overall goal. Such focus can mean we lose sight of the very things that can help us succeed.

My stubborness means I shall not give up the endeavour to become a very profitable pre-race trader but it occurred to me that I've spent so many hours looking at the markets, football, golf, nags (I-R and PR) that it's possible I've become blind to what they are telling me. So, I am now resolved to taking a month off. No trading of any kind until Tuesday, October 28th. Why this date? Because the previous day I am attending Steve Howe's pre race trading course. Some of you will know the vast amounts I have invested in numerous training courses but, after viewing Steve's YouTube vids, I'm confident there is something different to all the others and that his style looks very similar to mine, only he makes good money and I make mistakes...

After so many years of trading so often, it'll be interesting to know what withdrawal looks like.

Stay green.

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