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Friday, 14 November 2014

This is how it should be done - Betfair take note.

Geeks Toy now in Beta
Important Please Read.

Due to the retirement of Betfairs current API, on Monday 10th November we were forced to migrate everybody onto Betfairs new API version.  Although this version had been on beta test for three weeks and we addressed the issues in the product as they came up, since Monday many issues have come to light that are causing some customers issues at this time.
 With the number of issues to be resolved and the amount of work we are doing in critical places to resolve these issues we cannot at this time maintain a release version of the software that we are confident for people to use for their betting and trading.
As such I have with regret taken the decision today to put Geeks Toy back into beta until we have the worst of these issues resolved.  I am hoping this won’t be for too long, but we need to be 100% confident of software operation before we can run it as a release version again, and with the current issues it is unacceptable to do so. 
I’d like to apologise everyone for this, and to say that Richard and I are working flat out to deal with the problems.  Once we are through the beta stage, all subscribers  will have the expiry date extended on their accounts to make up for this downtime.

In the meantime if you want to help us resolve the issues as quickly as possible, please continue using the software with small stakes, and please report any bugs you find here. 

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